TAPS Family Member



Eric Brown - Director

Eric lives in Zanesville, Ohio with his two sons. Eric joined Paraex in late 2007 and became the director a few years later. He brings a critical eye to the investigations and cuts through to the truth behind it all!


Samantha Hammon - Case Manager

Jim - Investigator / Researcher

Rex Wood - Investigator

Matt Dunaj - Investigator

Brian Stoepfel - Investigator

Missy Benedict - Investigator

William Graves - Investigator-In-Training

Laura Dunaj - Investigator-In-Training

Brittnee McKenzie - Investigator-In-Training

Doug Dunaj - Investigator-In-Training

Heather Schroeder - Investigator-In-Training

Samantha Hammond - Investigator-In-Training

Lucinda Hingson - Reasearcher

Tonya Rozelle-Investigator-in-Training


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