TAPS Family Member



Eric Brown - Director

Eric lives in Newark, Ohio with his two sons. Eric joined Paraex in late 2007 and became the director a few years later. He brings a critical eye to the investigations and cuts through to the truth behind it all!


Jessna Jarrett - Associate Director

Jessna joined Paraex in early 2007 and is the oldest member currently part of the team. She served in the US Air Force and now lives in Rawson, Ohio with her husband Denny Jarrett. Jessna loves Ohio history and EVPs!

Denny Jarrett - Case Manager / Investigator / Tech Manager

Jim - Investigator / Researcher

Rex Wood - Investigator

Matt Dunaj - Investigator

Brian Stoepfel - Investigator

Missy Benedict - Investigator

William Graves - Investigator-In-Training

Laura Dunaj - Investigator-In-Training

Brittnee McKenzie - Investigator-In-Training

Doug Dunaj - Investigator-In-Training

Heather Schroeder - Investigator-In-Training

Samantha Hammond - Investigator-In-Training

Lucinda Hingson - Reasearcher

Tonya Rozelle-Investigator-in-Training


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